Thesis Writing Tips for Great Essay

If there is a logical arrangement to the ideas the whole discussion flows this provides focus and coherence to your topic as a whole and thus everything fits neatly together you therefore have a well-written and well argued thesis the third essential quality of good thesis writing is development this means your discussion must be amply supported with details research and examples where necessary okay let’s move on you know how important first impressions are in life well a well written and thought-out thesis should also make a good first impression this is essential good first impressions are reflected in the title table of contents abstract and introduction let’s have a quick look at each of these.

Your title must if the reader a sense of what you are examining in other words it must clearly indicate your topic and encapsulate what you are doing. Keep it short no more than 15 words long catchy and attention-grabbing next is the table of contents at first glance it should give the reader a sense of the organization and logic of your work the abstract should provide a good clear summary or overview of your thesis because this part will be the most widely published and read it should be interesting enough to capture the reader’s attention and the manner in which the abstract is written will give the examiners a fair idea of whether the rest of your thesis is well presented and of good quality after the abstract the next section that will be most widely read will be your introduction this section should be interesting read well and flow logically but keep it short and to the point.

Let’s now look at style and structure: first let’s consider referencing which is very important examiner’s are very pedantic about this one examiner has said that no more than 10 referencing errors be allowed throughout the thesis otherwise it should not be marked that includes using the correct format for your referencing therefore you must make sure that the correct referencing format is used the general preference is for the APA format of referencing that is the format used by the American Psychological Association. However this may vary between disciplines so it’s best to check with your supervisor one reference style is used in your college good referencing is important because it allows your reader to refer to the foundations on which your research is built and it tells the reader which part of your thesis is previous knowledge and which is your original work what about editing web revising your thesis you should do this at least twice to full drafts will allow you to pick up most of the major flaws let other people besides your advisor read some sections particularly the introduction and conclusion and give you constructive feedback.