Everything You Need To Know About Thesis Statement

It is also vital that you have a good knowledge of relevant literature with regard to your field of study theories and methods for your field of study for instance it is necessary to prove comprehensive knowledge of its contextual background as well as the various approaches and findings previously used to study the field when discussing theories related to your study the key concepts and/or propositions that underpin the topic should be included with regard to methods.

You must be able to justify why you use a particular method in your research over other methods so you must first discuss the alternative methods and point out why your choice is more relevant to your research during so allows you to identify the limitations of your study which is not a bad thing to do. You must have limitations to keep your research focus a final word on ensuring a good literature review include the works of experts in the field you never know when one of them could be invited to sit on your panel secondly your literature should include up-to-date information from the most recent publications.

Finally let’s review some useful writing tips outline. Start by writing the core of the thesis which are chapters three four and five constant contact with your supervisor is crucial so that you know you are on the right track ask others to look at your thesis especially when you are at the revision stage and consider their feedback set yourself goals and a deadline. You may be tempted to keep perfecting your thesis but this is not possible in a finite amount of time learn to touch time this skill will be very handy once the ideas start to flow and to avoid back and neck pain devote at least two to five hours per week to your writing exercise.

You may be surprised to discover that your productivity improves after an hour of exercise say frequently as you work you never know when a power outage could take place when you are typing print multiple copies of your word and label the updated versions save multiple electronic copies this means saving your work on a couple of CDs and memory sticks as well as on your PC finally keep going you are on your way to achieving your goal and in the end the effort will be well worth it so what have we covered in this lecture first we look at suggestions for writing a well presented thesis secondly we discuss the expectations concerning the style and structure of a thesis next we explored how you can achieve a clear argument then we followed with a brief discussion on proving your knowledge of relative literature and finally we proposed some helpful writing tips I hope this lecture has helped you gain a better idea of how you can achieve a good thesis so following the suggestions I have made I wish you all the best with your efforts and thesis writing.