Faith (sharing our part in God’s story)

As a writer, I appreciate the image of God as the Author of Life. I know He has written a specific story for me, a story that is just one thread in a rich tapestry of colorful stories, a story that He loves revealing to me, one page at a time.

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Posts in the Faith category include:

Church and football

church and football

My friend and mentor, Steve Elzinga, started a church near his home when he lived in Illinois. He called his church Halftime. At the time, I thought that was a stupid name for a church. I mean, I get that he was trying to speak the language of the guys in his neighborhood, and I [...]

Churches: What kind of Bible study do you really want your people in?

Bible study

Last night I met with a young disciple who told me she believes in God, and she believes He has a plan for her life, but she doesn't know how to discover that plan, so she asked for my help. She told me her story. She told me about her search for spiritual answers. She told [...]

Digital obituary options

Digital obituary options thumbnail

Last week's post raised the question of what I should do with my digital assets after I die. And no, I still don't have a satisfactory answer to that question. But a related issue is this: How do you let your online friends know when you've passed on? Your online friends might be people you've never met in [...]

[Story break] Random questions

questions of faith

Is it possible to be humble and passionate at the same time? So often, when I feel strongly about something, I don't come across as particularly humble. What would it look like to be passionate without losing a sense of humility? Is it a sin to be impatient? Are there times when impatience is appropriate? [...]


poetry writing

My trembling voice chokes faints, intimidated by the grand chorus. Swept by the swell of elegance, I stand shamed swirled awed into a a a a a silence.... Such a harmony! of light and sound. Winged words soar delicately while I can only limp on feet of clay; the tremulous music pierces, leaving my heart [...]


This poem is also published on Scribd. poetry writing

To the Crucified Jesus


translation of a poem by Andreas Gryphius From here I ne'er will part! May all the sabers ring! Grab pike and sword and lance! Use weapon's every might and flame, and all that this dark world would deem as fright. Not death nor Devil tears me from this cross whereon I cling. 'Tis here, when [...]



April is National Poetry Writing Month, affectionately known as NaPoWriMo. It's a time when people of poetic persuasion are encouraged to write "30 poems in 30 days." You may recall that in November I celebrated my own version of [No] NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). And that was good for me. This month, rather than [...]

Creativity and truth: a review of Noah and Son of God

Creativity and truth

Creativity and truth do not have to be mutually exclusive. A good storyteller does not have to choose between them. "Literal" is one way to convey truth, but

Faith inaction

Faith inaction

As I closed the door to the prayer room behind me, a rather bold woman approached and asked, "You a member of this church?" I affirmed that I was. "Oh good," she replied. "I need help. See, I need some food for my kids." My church does have a pretty well-stocked food pantry, and it [...]

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