Research Paper Writing Tips

Revise and refine your research paper as best you can and set yourself. A deadline for submission or you could be writing forever I say this because you will feel that your research paper could always do with a constant revision and if that’s the case then you will never finish writing it remember the curse of perfectionism.

Always set yourself a deadline.

Here is a checklist you can use for the research paper revision process. When it comes to the structure of your research paper it is very important to consult your supervisor about this what does he or she expect clear about this.

Before you start writing a research paper, remember if you don’t know where you are going you are likely to end up somewhere else also clearly indicate all sections and subsections that is headings and subheadings as you write be guided by an outline or plan this helps keep track of the evolution of your ideas and determines the structure of your argument. An outline or plan also makes it easier to think in terms of chapters. This process allows you to synthesize your research paper into a unified and coherent piece of writing.

To ensure that your research paper looks professional keep the following elements consistent: heading, style, font, size, font style, layout and so on. Let’s turn our attention now to maintaining a clear argument in your research paper.  The following guide questions can assist in ensuring that your point comes across what is your topic and how is your work interesting and important state the problem as simply as you can what are you doing that hasn’t been done or known before what message do you want to communicate. What is the point of your research paper, how does it fit into the context of your field? You have to be able to convince your reader of the validity of your work and its contribution to the body of knowledge, so a clear argument is absolutely imperative also your research paper must consider its identification with key debates at postgraduate level.

Your discussion of these issues must be well-informed and thorough your work must be up to date with the current debate within your discipline and the topic area to which your research paper question relates furthermore you have to show which position within these debates your research finding support you must be clear on how your debate fits in and show an awareness of the other researchers positions in these debates.